Men Can Be Hopeless and Helpless

Relevant resources that exist for men are few and far between. Men just aren’t into writing self-help books about divorce. Men don’t like having to go back and remember painful or uncomfortable moments. Men would rather just move on and forget about the storm they just went through. Men cope and survive by having a short memory. Most are hopeless and helpless in divorce avoiding knowledge that reveals any pain or discomfort let alone take away time from their game of the week. As warriors, we get wounded, keep fighting, and keep persevering, and if we bleed, we patch it up and move on to fight another day. This is indicative with how men behave during divorce. Have you known a marriage that

Social Media Pitfalls To Avoid During Divorce

In the digital age, society is thoroughly interconnected by social media. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Vine, Foursquare to LinkedIn, people are able to keep up with practically anyone and observe the activities in each other’s lives like never before. When going through a divorce or a modification of custody or child support, parties need to be aware of possible pitfalls in utilizing social media sites too freely. It is becoming more and more common for evidence from such sites to pop up in court, and many judges are allowing screenshots, text messages, Internet photos and other similar items to be admitted as exhibits. Below are some common mistakes people make via social media du

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