Men and the Domestic Violence Restraining Order

Men, here is some practical guidance to follow when educating yourself about domestic abuse. Most of the laws relevant to domestic violence and sexual assault are based on state law. This includes restraining or protection orders, divorce, custody, crimes, and more. There are also federal laws that may be relevant to your situation, including immigration and military laws. If you’re married, you will fall under the family law section of the court system. If you’ve been verbally assaulted, hit, kicked, punched, slapped, manipulated, screamed at, demeaned or abused in any way, you might consider filing a domestic violence restraining order. Based on my research women file over 94% of all DVRO’

House of Straw, a Book for Men on Separation and Divorce

I wrote House of Straw as a result of being frustrated with the family law system and not having enough resources available for men going through a Separation and Divorce. I knew men normally aren't discussing these sensitive topics with each other so I decided to start the conversation. I hope you enjoy my content and find it useful. Let's call men to a higher standard, to be good husbands, fathers and sons. And when things get tough, let's support one another as iron sharpens iron as one man to another Prov 27:17

Social Media - Custody & Support

Men have to understand that in today’s day and age that social media can and is impacting our lives in numerous ways. In today’s digital age, our society is connected in numerous ways through popular applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,, Tinder, Foursquare, and numerous other public and private applications. When going through divorce or a modification of custody or child support, both the man and woman should be aware of the issues social media sites can present. More and more courts are allowing evidence from social media sites. Judges are considering and allowing text messages, screenshots, photos, and wording from blogs to be admitted as evidence. With this said,

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