Should Men Choose and Work with a Lawyer?

If you can afford a lawyer, you may need a good referral through your state bar association or through a local domestic violence, sexual assault, or legal aid program. If you cannot afford a lawyer, you may be able to get help from a legal aid or the self help center available at most county courthouses. One can also choose to represent oneself in court but this can be difficult just from a paperwork that is required when filing motions and following protocol. If you are hiring a lawyer, you can interview the lawyer and make sure that you feel good about what he or she can do for you. Be sure to ask about the lawyer’s experience with whatever kind of case you need help with, and make sure th

Divorce is Different for Men than Women

When I was going through separation and divorce, I searched for resources on the subject for men written by a man who had actually gone through the process and experienced the system firsthand. I didn’t find many resources, which left me very frustrated and misinformed. Certainly I wasn’t the first one to be going through this sort of experience. I remember telling others and myself there had to be more resources on this subject than I was seeing. I knew then in 2005 that more men needed to write books on this subject matter to help those of us who are going through this raveging experience to understand what we can expect. Men like me want to know what we are getting ourselves into. I’d nev

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